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Do I have to book in advance?

Nope! You can just turn up and pay cash on the door. It is worth double checking the FPLD Facebook page in advance, just in case the class has been rescheduled or cancelled for any reason.


What should I bring?

Yourself! And maybe a fan and a bottle of water. Some of the halls can be a bit chilly to start with, but once we get moving it will heat up.


What should I wear?

Clothing - (almost) anything you like! Everyone comes to line dancing for different reasons so at most classes you will see a mixture of different outfits. Some folk come in their work out gear, some come in jeans, some folk are in their work clothes if they've come straight to class. However, please avoid maxi dresses or extra long/loose trousers that could be a trip hazard.

Shoes - While cowboy boots are often associated with line dancing, they are not a requirement. You can wear any comfortable shoes so long as they are secure to the foot and have a low heel. Trainers are ideal. Boots are okay, sandals are fine as long as they fasten at the ankle. Absolutely NO FLIP-FLOPS!


I have limited mobility, can I still take part?

Line dancing is a great form of low impact exercise and if you have limited mobility, don't worry, you can still join in! If this is something you are worried about, please get in touch so we can discuss how we can help get you on the dance floor. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace, whatever that may be. If any particular movements are too challenging then we can find a way to modify the steps to be more accessible.


Is the class suitable for children?

While there is no specific lower age limit for this class, it is a class aimed at and designed for adults. The recommended age is 14+.

Children under 14 will require a parent or guardian to sign a Child Consent Form before participating.


I have more questions!

Just ask!

You can send a message via the Contact page, using the Let's Chat box in the bottom of this page, or by sending a message on Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram.

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